Healthcare Research and Development


Sterling’s toxicology laboratories offer a comprehensive test catalog with hundreds of analytes. However, each client has specific needs for their patient populations – for example, a pain management specialist prescribing opiates for chronic pain has a different testing goal than a probation officer verifying an individual’s compliance with a court order. Not every test is the same, and they all have limitations.

For instances where Sterling’s test catalog isn’t sufficient, our research and development team is at the ready to create the right solution. With superior instrumentation including ultra-performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (UPLC/MS) and the ability to test a full service of matrices including urine, blood, oral fluid and hair, our scientists have the expertise and resources to meet any toxicology testing need – whether that means adapting an existing assay or starting from scratch.

Client feedback is paramount to the development and expansion of our test catalog. Additionally, we monitor the environment so we are aware of the presence of new illicit substances that are becoming prevalent in the market

Sterling’s research and development capabilities are just one way we deliver on our pledge to provide the right test at the right time for the right information. To learn more, contact us at